Experience The Thrill of Data With The New Tableau 10

It’s the celebration time for the big data geeks. After toiling hard and fast to fix the intricacies of the Tableau, to ensure that the analyses are done at a comparatively easier and faster rate, the Tableau 10 is back with a bang!!  

The new and revised version of the Tableau 10 is just the thing we wanted. Infused with features to synchronize with our conventional business interface for Hadoop, it left us frazzled. Here, have a look:

  • A better than before Interface – The new interface produces a more pleasing and engaging environmental image of the entire visualization.
  • Tableau’s clustering feature tops the list- This new feature reduces the effort of the analyst by visually highlighting a number of clusters found in elements of a pool of data.
  • Tableau 10’s highlighting feature is noteworthy- Especially for the customers so that they can acquire just the needed information without foraging here and there.
  • Multisource data integration and blending- 
  • Tableau 10 users would be able to connect directly to the data stored in the Google Sheets.
  • Develop visual representation of the most favored customers.
  • The new Tableau 10 acquires the Last Name Column from the Google sheets data with the help of data-relationship.
  • Right after this information is acquired a filter is initiated on my Purchase Trends by Ranked Customers dashboard.

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