How Big Data Has Created Its Own Niche in the Entertainment Industry?

Data driven marketing is all the rage. Especially in the media and entertainment industry. Digitization is changing the rules of the world. Each day, Facebook gathers and processes more than 500 TB of data, Google processes 3.5 billion requests and Amazon records 152 million customer purchase data – data analytics is transforming diverse media platforms, while emphasizing on creating more personalized content for better user experience.

Big Data Uses

The media and entertainment industry is leveraging big data like no other. The results are phenomenal. Here are few examples that show how big data is being used in this field of entertainment:

  • Predictive analysis helps in understanding the demand of audience. Massive amounts of data reveals a lot about audience demography.
  • Big data is mostly revered because of its immense power to analyze consumer behavior, based on past trends. It helps in understanding why consumers subscribe or unsubscribe to respective channels. Also, social media acts like an amplifier; it boosts consumer interest.
  • Content is of crucial importance. It eventually generates revenue and enhances new product development procedures. While analyzing consumer behavior, the data analysts starts to understand the true market value of content generated, and that results in content revenue generation.

Right from Netflix to Bollywood, big data and analytics aces up a plethora of digital marketing endeavors. Blockbuster movie, Chennai Express extensively used big data to boost its social media presence, and no wonder it was 2013’s biggest box office hit.

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