Not Just Be Colorful: Code Color Values Within SAS

Colors make the world appear beautiful. They are lively, cheerful and amazing. No wonder, they have been the inspiration behind countless romantic poems and songs – their enchanting wavelengths create incredible visions before our eyes, uplifting any sullen mood instantly.

To ascribe colors within the SAS Enterprise Guide, one need to keep in mind some simple names of the colors, such as - red, blue, green, yellow, black and more. Well, I know these colors are so basic that one remembers them right from their early pre-school days. Even the most dreary data scientists can predict the enthralling color names, like - dark yellow, lilac or sea-green and something like turquoise blue. Then where lies the trick? After all, data science is not an overtly easy subject – there must be something in the names of these colors.

The trick lies in the HTML names of the colors. Now, how much knowledge do you possess about HTML color name standards? Not much? Fret not. For a veritable color precision, one might need to implement the hexadecimal values or enormously descriptive SAS color nomenclature – whatever suits the best.

Let the ‘colour picker’ help you! It displays a long list of most popular color names along with their hex values. A keyboard shortcut is also there to prick the color picker, whenever required.

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